The adaptation of hotels to the natural environment, the use of renewable energy sources and the optimal use of water resources are one of the most important areas of the 4th International Tourism Fair "GREEK TOURISM EXPO.

The TECHNICAL CHAMBER OF GREECE (TEE) , the Greek Department of the UIA and the ARES International Work Program, announce the results of the Bioclimatic Hotel and Room selection process, which will be exhibited at the Greek Tourism Expo '17.

According to the Proceedings of the Selection Committee (Nikos Fintakakis, Fani Vavili-Tsinikas, Tonia Katerini, Olga Venetsianou, Ilias Braftopoulos), it was chosen to build the participation titled "Standard bioclimatic room with bath, in Summer Holiday Hotel"
Architectural Design: Eftihia Iliopoulou.

Also, the studies submitted by:

Dimitra Chatzipavlou & Theophilos Zodis as well as Maro Sinou, Niki Bahoucha, Maria Brissa & Natassa Zyga.