BULGARIA: Honored country at 8th Athens International Tourism & Culture Expo 2021

Bulgaria will be the Honored Country at the 8th Athens International Tourism & Culture Expo 2021 with the widest participation of many Bulgarian tourism companies.

This state participation has been undertaken by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism which has chosen a very large space to host, as coo-exhibitors, many Bulgarian tourism companies which will have a unique opportunity to get in touch with hundreds of Greek hoteliers, tourism entrepreneurs but also with Travel Agencies and DMC who will participate in the Exhibition either as exhibitors or as visitors.

For the first time, the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism officially participates with co-exhibitors Municipalities, Organizations and companies such as the Municipality of Bansko, the Association “Festivals in Bulgaria”, the Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recreation EAD, The Castle in Ravadinovo – In Love with the Wind, Rila Travel EOOD, Grand Hotel Bansko and Hotel Regnum – Bansko, e.t.c..

According to the Press Release of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism, “the two countries are developing active cooperation in the field of tourism. Greece is the main target market for Bulgaria, and in 2019 it holds the second place in number of tourist visits (over 1,100,000). Given the pandemic and anti-epidemic measures, visits from all markets, including Greece, have declined significantly since early 2020, but are gradually recovering in 2021. Greece continues to be in the top 10 markets with the largest influx of tourists to our country.

Bulgaria attracts Greek tourists mainly with winter holidays (skiing and snowboarding) and spa in combination with health tourism. Summer holidays are also among the choices of Greek tourists as well as eco and rural tourism holidays.

In 2020, the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism launched a comprehensive communication campaign in the Greek market with a horizon of 2021 and in the period January – March 2021, a television and digital advertising campaign was implemented in the Greek market. “Next month, there will be a new TV and internet advertisement of Bulgaria in Greece, focusing on the coming winter season and the safe conditions for holidays in our country.”

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