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Contact: 22 KARAGIORGA S., 84100, ERMOUPOLI, SYROS ΤEL: +30 22810 79274 FAX: +30 22810 79273

Profile: E n d l e s s b l u e !! The Southern Aegean Region encapsulates all the beauty and the special character of a Greek island setting: the colour blue is prevalent everywhere, contrasting harmoniously with the unique Greek white, which seems to be sparkling under the life-giving Greek light. Here, the blue of the sea becomes one with the sky, giving the impression of something infinite, endless, everlasting. In the southern Aegean islands the traditional Greek element is omnipresent; in architecture, local cuisine, the observation of local customs, people’s view of life... The houses are often laid out amphitheatrically – for protection purposes, in olden days, since pirate raids were frequent – or in labyrinthine formations which travel parallel to the distinctive, picturesque alleys. Among them, the squares, the small shops, the chapels… Each neighborhood a small community, with everything to offer: here, moderation is always enough. The enchanting Cyclades... Possibly the most “famous” island complex in Greece, with its unique colours –which seem to alternate in a magical way, depending on the time of day–, the special geological formations, and that distinctive Cycladic scent in the air, which is difficult to pinpoint exactly, from the first visit, however, it becomes embedded in your memory. Where to begin? The cosmopolitan Paros and Mykonos are probably the ones with the “siren call;” exploring them in their entirety, however, one discovers that they hide many fascinating secrets. The noble Andros, the historic Donoussa, the mythical Ios, the imposing Santorini, the exotic Koufonissia, the erotic Serifos, the “alternative” Anafi, the unpretentious Thirasia, the “handmade” Sikinos, they all fascinate with their diverse nature. Next to them Naxos, the island of Ariadne; Milos, a true phenomenon, with its impressive natural landscape; Tinos, the island of nature and culture, and also an important centre for religious tourism in Greece; Folegandros, the island of rain and light; Irakleia, the island of legend and myth; Kimolos, a silver dash in the Aegean sea; Schinoussa, with its serene charm; Syros, the noble lady of the Cyclades; Kythnos, a simple and welcoming island; Kea, with its 3,000 plant species; Antiparos, the island of monuments and symbols; and lastly, Amorgos, which is the bridge connecting the Cyclades to the Dodecanese; they all comprise a canvas of great aesthetic and historical interest. The enchanting Dodecanese... Here the air is different, with many diverse elements coming together, paying tribute to all things Greek. The ancient narrations of Kos, the medieval element of cosmopolitan Rhodes, the deeply religious Patmos, the historic element of Kastellorizo, the simplicity of Agathonissi, the volcanic landscape of Nisyros, the neoclassical Chalki, the enchanting Leros, the wild and welcoming Kasos, the dreamlike serenity of Lipsi, the noble Symi, the charming Tilos, Karpathos, the island of the gods, Kalymnos, which has been deemed a “stone poem,” and also Astypalea, the “butterfly” of the Aegean... They all provide a special reason why you should visit them and immerse yourself in the fascinating world they lay in front of your eyes. The southern Aegean islands offer you endless possibilities. Whether you wish to live fast or to relax from the frenetic pace of your everyday life, here you will find something for you. Enjoy walks through the quaint paths, which will lead you to natural monuments of inimitable beauty, and also to human creations of unique aesthetic value. Choose among a great variety of sea sports, explore the unique underwater world, or simply enjoy a swim at one of the numerous amazing beaches. Food aficionados don’t have to look far. Each of the islands, apart from the traditional and much-loved Greek dishes, also offers its own local delicacies. The entertainment options are also endless, in accordance with the individual wishes of the visitors: taverns, beach bars, nightlife venues, and also concerts, theatre performances, local festivals and cultural events will ensure you are never bored. The islands also offer limitless possibilities for alternative activities, for those who are seeking something different: luxurious spa facilities, sports in nature, holistic beauty workshops, and many more, they all find their place in one of the southern Aegean’s destinations, and it is certain that, no matter what you are seeking, here you will find a corner exclusively devoted to it. The southern Aegean islands are sprawled like precious jewels under the relentless light of the Greek sun, coming to life by the people inhabiting them, and also by those who visit them, who bring with them their special viewpoint, giving everything a different quality. In these islands, nature intertwines with the toils of man, in an authentic relationship of harmony and completeness. This part of the Aegean has embraced the myths, the stories and the truth of its individual parts, constituting an area charged with the unique, immortal Greek spirit.

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