Enriching the content of the annual GTE the Health Tourism one-day Conference is announced to be held on 9/12/2017 from 11.00 to 15.00 with the participation of specialized speakers, distinguished scientists and statesmen.

The launching and special presentation of Health Tourism in Greece during the 4th International Greek Tourism annual Exhibition has become for 2017 top priority in the broader scope of the Greek Tourism Expo 2017 expansion to promote Greek Tourism in the international travel markets with fresh content and new tourism branches -as the Gastronomy Tourism and Alternative Tourism sectors - due to the rapid growth of Health Tourism trend worldwide, but also due to the special advantages and prospects of Health Tourism in Greece for the international investors and millions of travelers worldwide.

The aim of the one- day Health Tourism in Greece conference, at GTE 2017 is the promotion of Greece, birthplace of medical tourism since antiquity worldwide, as the ideal Health Tourism destination in the present and future for the health travelers of the world.